Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Anthropologie: Green, Crafty, Cool!

Just awesome. For those of you who don't realize quite how to do them, Happiness Is... has some great closeups and the official tutorial.

The City Cradle gives a more detailed tutorial and shows how they redid the craft. I so cannot wait to try this myself! I must have fifteen photos or so saved of the display.

Anthropologie is great - its nice to see that someone still values the true selling power of a good quality window display. So often I see clothes jumbled into something "arty" with no theme at the local stores, and it makes me sad, having seen the wonderful displays of Dayton's in Minneapolis, Barney's in New York, and countless windows in Italy (especially Venice). Stores so often forget that it is the power of the visual that catches their attention, and brings them in a door...I know I'll be heading to the Chicago store to see what their windows look like!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Followup to the Daniel Graves Dilemma

So I've been trading correspondence across multiple mediums about this issue. The main question has been:

"What exactly do you know about the other "Daniel Graves" in the area? There has to be more than 3!"

Well, that's absolutely right - there definitely is more than 3, however, I look at 3 as being the main contenders. Here's what I know about the "other" Daniel Graveses.

Daniel Graves and Polly Allen - (no) - kids were born at the same time as mine in New Hampshire

Daniel Graves and Mary Buxton / Caroline Wellington - (no) - kids born much later (1849) in North Reading, Massachusetts

Daniel Graves (born in Ira, Rutland, VT) and Almira Loomis Rogers - (no) - is in Marengo, IL by 1850.

Daniel Graves and Harriet, son of Abraham Graves - (no) - settles in Rochester but is well-documented enough there with only two kids with nowhere near the names I have. The family is quite prestigious and a painting of Daniel is at the local historical society.

Daniel Graves and Hellen Hyde (in Gouverneur in 1870) - also no, they’re well-documented in the town newspapers as being much younger

Daniel Graves and Ann - no - In 1851, Daniel and Ann are in Salisbury, Westmorland County, New Brunswick with children Adaline Graves 19, Valantine Graves 30, Oliver Graves 25, Xenophon Graves 13, Burlin Graves 10 at ages Daniel Graves 58 and Ann Graves 52. I feel they are an unlikely candidate and with names like those, they would not likely be part of this family, since they were apt to repeat family names frequently (Daniel, James, Lewis, Enoch, Hezekiah, Hazleton, Sheldon, Hawley).

Daniel Graves and Rebecca - hmm - In 1851/2, Daniel Graves, b. 1813 in Vermont is listed in the Malahide, Elgin County, Ontario census with wife Rebecca, daughter Nancy and son James. In 1861, the family is listed in Middlesex, Ontario. In 1871, Daniel is listed as a widow in Mosa, Middlesex West, Ontario. In 1881 he is also listed as a widow in Newbury, Middlesex West, Ontario.

This family troubles me some as I do have two kids who are born in Middlesex. Could they wrongly be attributed to the family I have when they should belong to this family? I don't think so. However, I need to do more research on this family as I believe they could be related to my family of people. Why? The names bring to mind two pieces of information: 1. The mysterious Rebecca listed on my family sheet. She's also listed as "marrying Lakeson" which I have never been able to find. 2. The names, excepting Nancy, are all heavy repeats in my own family. Could this be a child of my Daniel Graves' siblings?

The only one I keep coming back to is:
“Daniel Graves (44) may have been born about 1770 (probably 1765-1775), probably in Kensington or Andover, NH. He married ‑‑‑‑‑‑, and lived in Barton, Vt. (R‑200)
Children - Graves
123. Daniel Graves
124. William Graves
125. John Graves
126. daughter”

Not the father, the son. The GFA has absolutely no data on those kids and so far, I haven’t been able to prove one way or another. All I’m pretty sure is that its not the Capt. Daniel Graves from Barton as his line is well proved not to be the case.

According to the Brown Cemetery transcriptions from Barton, Daniel Graves (44) was born about 1775, and married Jane. They are both buried in Brown Cemetery.

At the same time, it gives more information from a Town report on that website:

"the Children of Daniel Graves and his wife Jenny"
Daniel Graves Junr., born in Andover, NH, Nov 8th, 1802.
William Graves, born Sept 14th, 1811
John Graves, born April 4, 1815
Recorded 22d April 1826 attest: John Kimball, Town Clerk

Daniel Graves died 25 January 1836, Aged 61 years
Jane Graves died 6th October 1844, aged 63 years
Daniel Graves Jr., died at Northfield, VT March 25th, 1879
William Graves died 1st December 1882

In the 1870 census, Daniel is listed in the household of his brother John Graves as 68 years old and a jeweler, no spouse listed.

In the 1860 census, Daniel is listed in the household of Ebenezer Wilson, a carpenter and joiner, as 49 years old and a harnessmaker.

In 1850, I have not been able to locate this Daniel Graves. Could he have been in Canada during this time?