Friday, January 29, 2010

The Daniel Graves Dilemma

I've cross posted this in one group on Ravelry, the Knitting Genealogists, as well as here. I'll add a little more detail here to help out.

Okay, so I decided to start a topic as I’ve alluded to this situation enough and you guys give pretty good advice ;-)

Here’s what I know:

Daniel Graves was born in 1794 (according to the 1850 census) in New York, or in Vermont (if you ask his kids on their data forms).

He married Mary “Polly” Ferguson in 1813 in Bennington, Bennington Co, Vermont. A Ferguson researcher and I are determining and so far proving that she is originally from Bennington, a descendant of the relatives of the Hezekiah Ferguson family.

Between 1813 and 1815, they somehow manage to get to New York, where their first child is born. I don’t know this for sure, since its info from census/death certs, but its what I have to go on.

After having some more kids in NY (again, census info, biography info, death certs info), they show up in Middlesex County Ontario for the birth of 2 kids, and they’re back in New York by 1830, and have their last four kids concluding in 1838.

In 1850, I have a for sure census entry in Gouverneur, New York. (One of their kids is named Hazelton and another is nicknamed Hawley. Needless to say, its a bit unusual and makes them a little easier to find).

Then they vanish again. Nothing. I have two more kids assigned to them based off of family information, but no years for their birth and I haven’t been able to find them yet.

The problem is, there are three Daniel Graves in roughly the same area with roughly the same age range. One is in Vermont, still another one in Walpole, NH, one is in Middlesex Co, Ontario, and there’s another one that even shows up in Gouverneur about ten years later (luckily, not the same age so I could spot him).

These guys are driving me batty! I have no idea where else to look to find anything about him. The Graves Family Association has no idea other than he might be the Captain Daniel Graves that lived in Barton, VT for a time, since they don’t know the Captain’s wife’s name, there’s no telling. So I’m stuck. I’ve gone over this and over it, and I don’t know where their information could be hiding.

I have to be missing something here, it just doesn’t seem to make sense to me.

Pittman Graves
b. ?

Rebecca Graves
b. ?
New York

John Graves
b. 29 Jan 1815 (also postulated to be 1826)
New York, United States
d. 7 Aug 1866
Bridgehampton, Sanilac, Michigan, United States

Hezekiah Graves (m. Harriet Hart)
b. 29 Nov 1818
New York, United States
d. 22 Sep 1892
Bridgehampton, Sanilac, Michigan, United States

Enoch Graves (m. Rachel Sipes)
b. 2 March 1826
New York
d. 22 May 1904
Oxford, Oakland, Michigan, USA

Sheldon Hall "Hawley" Graves (m. Hannah Jeffrey) - this nickname is carried down so it is confirmed.
b. 26 Aug 1828
Delaware, Middlesex Bay County, Ontario, Canada
d. 1 Jul 1895
Sanilac, Sanilac, Michigan, United States

Hazelton Graves (m. Lovila Green)
b. 17 Apr 1830
Ontario, Canada
d. 18 Dec 1907
Bridgehampton, Sanilac, Michigan, United States

Elizabeth Ann Graves (m. David Daniel Ingerson)
b. 8 April 1831
New York
d. 4 September 1903
Bridgehampton, Sanilac, Michigan, United States

Justus "Jess" Graves
b. 1837
New York

Lewis Graves
b. 1838
New York, United States

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Snakes, Tacos, and Crafting

I haven't posted here for about a month, so I wanted to assure everyone that I am

a)still alive
b)still crafting
c)still interested in blogging.


However, my time isn't always as well planned as it should be and I forget to make the posts that I had wanted to make. However, I am hoping that will change with the advent of planned blogging.

Its a concept I read on another person's blog (yes, I do read many blogs, usually via email since I can always download my email and read it offline). Instead of blogging "when you think about it", you set up a series of blogs in one day, and delay their posting until they meet set intervals. Interesting concept...

Then when you want to blog, you can also post "whenever", but once a month you plan the programming for the next month. That's where the word "genius" comes to mind!

So I'll try that in February. We'll see how it goes :-)

But back to the topic at hand....

The Sea Snake

Doesn't that look like what a glamorous Sea Snake should look like? Its a wonderful pattern by Nancy Nagle of called "Delicious Diamond".

If you're interested, its a free Ravelry download, too. I found it to be quite fun to work and really worked to the advantage of the short fur style yarn.

Chicken Tacos

Doesn't that look good? Sarahpark on Ravelry wrote up this nifty recipe which included those AND a pattern for a cast iron skillet pot handle.

new double layer pot handle cover happy :-)

Isn't that cute? It kind of reminds me of a fish, but it also makes Shawn happy and keeps his hand cool while cooking. A very fun test crochet project - I highly encourage you to to try it when she releases the pattern!

I've been working on some other things, but I'll save some stuff for this weekend to post.