Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Its suddenly hip to be a cheap knitter or crocheter

No, I don't mean every project is going to be made out of acrylic $2.29 yarn from the big box stores. What I mean is that people are rebelling against the majority of the hand dyed/hand spun yarns being over $40 a skein. I was at the crochet guild over the weekend and one of the attendees was particularly drawn up about it, but definitely got some agreement in the crowd.

Then this Buzzfeed article got passed around again on social media. And the Loving the Freebies group on Ravelry broke out "Crafting Gadgets that aren't" with folks using everything from plumbing o-rings to paper towel holders to make due without $20+ gadgets on the knitting and crocheting market. And there's even an entire board on Pinterest devoted to DIY Yarn Swifts (again, $40+).

Maybe its just me, but it seems okay right now to let your frugal flag fly! Vendors who take notice are going to pick up business from these folks that are going to flash by the businesses that don't pay attention to the swings of the crafting market.

Perhaps it is the summer season of yarn discounting that has got everyone in this frugal mood? I'm not sure! What are your thoughts?