Friday, November 14, 2014

Memorial to Osgood (update on the Osgood scarf)

I feel like I haven't shared an update on Osgood's scarf in awhile. She's coming along nicely. I've been weaving in the ends as I go so I love that its going to be finished when its finished.

According to my calculations I'm just under 70% complete. I looked back and I started this back in December 2013 so I think its progressing on target. In the wake of what happened to Osgood in Death in Heaven, I've been using it as anger management to get over the loss* of her character.

*Well, we all know she had a Zygon clone and we don't know where she is. And we're not sure if the thing Missy used on her is a full TCE or a miniaturization one, and well, this is science fiction so who knows, she may come back for no other reason than Moffat decides to bring her back.