Thursday, October 4, 2007

Ravelry, or how I've forgotten how many projects I've done

So, the new buzzword in the knitting community is Ravelry. I finally climbed the 20K + waiting list and got in and have been amazed at just how awesome it really is.

Worth every bit of the hype? Absolutely! Want to know what a particular yarn looks like knitted up? Just search for it and hundreds of projects pop up. Looking at a pattern? See the comments everyone else made about it - and the potential yarn substitutions.

But the most amazing part, at least to me, is the part where you enter your projects, past, present and future. After going through the Yahoo group photos and the photos from my blog, my flickr account, my photobucket, my 360 and craftster, I've realized how many projects I've forgotten that I did since I give so much of my knitting away.

So I've just been overwhelmed with entertaining memories of my old projects. This weekend I'm going to try my stash - which will so help me predict what yarns I'm going to need in the future. I'm sure DH will appreciate that!

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