Monday, April 28, 2008

Its here! Its here!

I was SO excited to find the package notice in the mail - and then my camera decided it wanted to not turn on.

Grr. That is SO frustrating!

Two trips to the K-M repair center later, I have a camera back - and I have been DYING to post these photos!

This was the only one I got before the camera went cuckoo:

Everything was so pretty wrapped - but I wanted to show my knit club and ripped them right open :-)

First off, the fun stuff:

Yum! Regia and new needles!

Then the stitch markers, of which I ALWAYS need small ones. For lace, for socks, these things are the bestest!

Allitrya went above and beyond and found me a little Lucky the dalmatian from 101 Dalmatians, my favorite movie ever! She is one awesome swap partner :-)

She also got two bags of sugar-free candy for me, which, unfortunately, didn't make it to the camera shooting. Needless to say, they were very tasty chocolates and mints :-) (DH said thanks for the mints - those are his favorite)

And the grand finale......

That is the most GORGEOUS bag I have EVER seen. My entire knit club was superbly jealous and wanted to know how I had got it. I love it and am SO glad to have had Allitrya as a partner!

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Anonymous said...

I am SO GLAD you like everything. The bag was the reason the kit was so late--it was my first time lining a bag, and it gave me a bit of trouble, but I'm glad it turned out so well. I was SO EXCITED to find little Lucky--I was just trying to find anything that looked like a dalmatian, and then there it was! Perfect. =P It was my first time making stitch markers, too, so I'm glad you'll get good use out of them. =D It was so much fun putting together your kit!