Tuesday, May 6, 2008

After all, work's well, that ends well

So after ditching two deadlines (stupid work - we'll never grow if we can't give up micromanaging marketing), I found myself today with a bit of free time.

Here's what productively came out of that:

So I look a lot like Beyonce, Jesse McCartney, and ... Bob Dylan?


That thing is so off. If I use a different photo I get totally different results - a newer one I took and it said I looked like Halle Berry. Yeah right!

Here's another one - alright...

And what's really entertaining is that in real life, everyone says I look like Nichole Richie, but weigh more! ha ha ha ...

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The Sick Chick said...

I think the problem with that celebrity look a like thing (besides that I think it's a dumb gummick for a genealogy site -- I *like* the genealogy site, but think it's a silly gimmick!) is that it's not going to just come out and say "Oops, you don't look like any celebs." Which is what they are implying with your matches being below 60% -- they're just grasping at straws because you don't really resemble anyone in their database.