Thursday, August 16, 2007

Back to work...

So I'm back to work and getting going on what else? Photos of the construction site I was at this morning.

I was up too darn early to get anything real done today anyway. So I've been doing other things - cleaning the work fridge, editing photos, creating marketing pages.

I'm working on some neat legwarmers for my Disney angel package. They're turning out well, I should have them done in time. My other crafts...well, not so much. I was going to do a knit Mushu the dragon but couldn't find a pattern. I tried cross stitching again (something I haven't had patience for in ages) and threw it down after the first twenty four stitches because it just takes too darn long, and started to embroider it before I came up with a better idea.

The other craft I had planned to do, bottle cap clips, well, the Gallery Glass that I had bought for it still hasn't turned clear! Grr. I'm going to use it on the bottom as a cushion instead of clear on top. Oh well.

Anyway, here's Swink (my little visitor) at the construction site this morning.

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