Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Diabetic Baking!

Well, this topic seems to be everywhere this time of year as people are starting to get ready for the holiday madness.

I think this is one of my favorite new blogs as it takes the ingredients that I know of and goes one step further to actually create new diabetic friendly recipes that taste good. There's nothing I know of that infuriates me more when we diabetics have to eat a "special" meal. In other words, feed everyone crap so they get overweight while giving the diabetics the healthy food!

I think most of the people that know me know that I'm pretty liberal in what I eat - a little vegan, a little junk food, a little candy here and there, plus the normal stuff modified to be healthier, like whole wheat pasta, brown rice, etc. I happen to really like sushi, too, and have a weakness for potatoes and ranch dressing, but I try to find ways to work that into my diet.

Not that my blood sugar is perfect or anything but I am trying. Hopefully that counts in my body for something. I've been trying to deduce what causes my high blood sugars lately - crackers seem to be a big problem. The dance classes I've been taking seem to really be helping my blood sugars fall - DH and I are practicing 40 minutes a night.

I'm trying to cut back on the caffeine too but it appears as if I'm increasing it more as the sleep I'm getting at night seems to get less and less. I seem lost without my morning cup of coffee at work anymore. Anyway...

That's my little rant (trying to control myself) but I'm going to follow this girl's blog closely.

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