Thursday, January 3, 2008


After taking stock of the 1600+ messages I recieved in my email over the holiday, I decided to take today to clean out my Yahoo groups memberships.

I was a member of 49 different groups, all looming, knitting, Jaycees or Freesources related.

After going through and deciding which ones were really worth it to belong to, because I mainly read a TON of headlines, I thinned that down to 24.

4 screens of groups, down to one! Yea!

What I discovered, however, is best about it is - I feel so liberated! No more time spending countless hours wondering why I'm a part of this group or that group because its covered by this other site or another group.

I suppose its part of January cleaning fever. I hate spring cleaning, I never bother - but in January, I suppose being inspired by seeing my mother's clean house, I always go into a cleaning tizzy.

Plus my "fall down the stairs brace" is off! I didn't wear it for the first time today! Yea!

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