Friday, June 20, 2008

The Anniversary Cowl

So this one has a good story behind it.

I had originally gotten this yarn from a swap partner who had no idea what to do with it. "Its slubby" she said, and "wool" so I can't use it, it "itches" and such.

So I boldly said I shall take it! And make it into something nice!

I tried it on my looms. It didn't look good. In fact, it looked so bad I rolled it back up again and stuck it in my stash.

It then went to a garage sale my mother had two years ago. Everyone looked at it - "too itchy" "too slubby" "too...something".

So it went back home to Illinois from the garage sale in Minnesota. Mind you, this yarn has went through three states of moving now from its home to me to the garage sale and back to me.

The colors were right for Relay for Life. Kind of a silver, a purple and a white, I thought to myself that this just might be something unique. It didn't feel that scratchy, now that I'm more used to what wool feels like. And it didn't look "that" bad.

I tried the "Peasy Scarf" pattern. Didn't work. I tried crocheting with it. Didn't work. I tried a drop stitch scarf pattern with it. Not quite it, either.

Then it hit me. I could knit it larger than suggested, to make something that would account for the largest slubs while accentuating the laciness of the smallest slubs. And now I have a pattern that works great for any unusual yarns, great for handspun, and it shows off every yarn to its greatest potential.

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