Thursday, June 23, 2011

Much Less Frilly Moccasins - Additional Explanation

If you're looking for the original pattern, it can now be found on Ravelry!

I've sent this to a few people on Ravelry, so I thought it might deserve some follow up attention because I think it might be confusing people, and I've slightly altered how I do them to make them more secure on the sides.

Most people do simple slippers as rectangles. Fold and Sew. I've found I don't like that style, as it leaves a weird elf-like quality to the slippers. So I do mine differently - a circle and a rectangle put together, like this:

The problem is that I think people are viewing it is a flat circle, when its not. Its in the round, like a cup. So you are always joining, they doing the chains.

The circle is at the front of the slipper, and the rectangle is at the bottom, like this:

If you can imagine it, you look at the circle in front of you and the rectangle flows behind.

Hopefully it makes sense that the circle looks like a cup when done correctly. A flat circle will have to be folded to make the shape.

So the instruction which I need to update is that at the end, I now take my sewing needle and sew a couple of the hdcs up each side of the circle giving it more definition.

Look for next month I'll do some step by step photos - this really is easy!

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