Monday, July 23, 2007

Foodsavers...worth it?

So I was looking at these online after purchasing one for my mother a couple years ago. I'm thinking it might be worth it for DH and I to get one. We still haven't quite got the knack of cooking for two, and I hate for things to go into the landfill purely because we can't cook little enough.

So I keep pondering. I've heard from my freezer OAMC group that the canisters are lifesavers and save quite a bit of money (and hence, make the purchase price easier to swallow). We don't have a large freezer, but I'm thinking a bunch of little canisters would be pretty nice and organized in the fridge. And then we wouldn't lose our Costco purchases of staples like frozen edamame, mixed vegetables, meats, etc.

Here's the canisters - they're like, $22. Not bad, I bet I could find them on eBay or Amazon for less.

DH comes home tonight so I think I'll ask him about it. I'm really digging this idea of doing a lot of cooking in advance, and then using the fruits of your labor as you go throughout the week.

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