Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Swapping - what's the big idea? - Craft pr0n image heavy!

I've been asked this question a bunch by my friends and family since I'm involved in the KKEXNMORE Yahoo group, which swaps loomed/handcrafted items, AND I've been involved in several swaps.

Personally, I'm thrilled to get mail. Any mail. It doesn't matter if I'm getting postcards for selling my non-existent ugly house, I just like to get stuff. But the best mail is by other crafters - you know how much work they put into it! I've gotten a few bad ones here and there. But overall, I've been thrilled with what I've received.

Anyway, for your viewing pleasure, some pics from the various swaps I've been in:

I have a disease, round 2, where you named a disease and your partner crafts items for you based on it.

Little Visitor, where a small creature comes to visit you and you send one in return"

Disney Round 5(minus my dalmatian LOL), where you named your favorite movies and crafted items based on them.

Afghan Squares All of the afghan squares I made for the friendship afghan exchange at KKEXNMORE can be seen here.

Christmas Stocking Exchange

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