Friday, January 2, 2009

Access 2007 - the Label Error

Okay, because this really annoyed me you're all going to have to suffer though a short post on MS Access 2007. Sorry!

Those who know me know I can't stand the program but that I have to use it at work in a multitude of functions.

Today's issue really frustrated me. I open a database, click "create labels" and then I get a label report that reads


Huh? Searching the internet didn't give me any answers. I tried it three times before deciding that since it didn't work the first time, it was probably not going to work the 4th time.

So then I decided to go back to typing entries for my proposal log. And I see the "create" tab is available. So I click "labels".

This time, it gives me the SAME field options but it WORKS. It gives me a label listing I can export to an RTF and open in MS Word to edit the formatting (little blips here and there based off of how people entered titles.

So that's my big exciting thing of the day. The next thing I want to try and figure out is how to get it to do only entries done after a certain day.

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