Sunday, January 25, 2009

River Pouch: Class on Needle/Loom Conversion, Post 1

Hello all!

In this post are two pictures of the same project. One has been loom knit, the other has been needle knit.

Can you tell the difference? Leave a comment in the comments section with whether the dark blue or the light blue projects have been needle knitted or loom knitted.

First, take a look at: Conversion Tips. Then you can check out River Pouch - Needle Knit and River Pouch - Loom Knit on Ravelry for the patterns.


Anonymous said...

I would say the dark blue is the loom knit piece.

Dorothy said...

My guess is the lt blue is needle and the dk blue is loom. Thanks Dorothy

Anxious said...

Hmmmm....they look so ummm..the same!! If I had to guess the first one is needle second is loom. Can't wait to begin!

jpirkle said...

First look and guess, I would say the light blue is needle knit and the dark blue loom knit.

Unknown said...

I can't see the dark blue one very well on my computer, but I would guess that the light blue is the loom knit. What an interesting stitch setup!

Sue Ross