Saturday, November 2, 2013

Being Grateful

Yesterday was the start of 30 days of being grateful. Rather than write some BS post about being grateful that I didn't feel yet, I started by framing my senses on gratefulness. Its often said that Buddha said something along the lines of "you will attract what you expect" or are, and that the Buddha teaches people to be more grateful.

In all honesty, it was tough to even think about it in a gray, rainy day where everyone was hung over on candy and partying from the holiday. Then I saw this video:

Look at the tenacity that little mouse displayed. He tries and tries, and eventually, he gets his cookie. It made me smile, and it changed my whole point of reference for the day. If someone as small as a mouse can get what he expected by sheer force of will, perhaps I could get there too.

Today I am grateful for the smallest thing - Amazon delivered to my apartment facial tissue, bathroom supplies, and other things that are no fun to shop for. This small comfort (at a good price) made my Saturday a good one. 

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