Friday, November 15, 2013

Thanking Friends and Family

There are a lot of stereotypical posts about how people love their friends and family. Sorry folks, I'm going to add to the pile! :-) Without the support network that I have of friends, family, virtual, live, close, remote, and everything in between, I doubt I would be here today. And I've ever sought out new and interesting people to add to my experiences and expand my worldview. They are people I've never met in real life to people I can't live a day without. Rather than try to do each of them justice, I thought it would be better to let them tell their story. Across my social media presence - Twitter, Facebook, Ravelry, LinkedIn, Email, Blogs, YouTube - I asked them to tell me what they were thankful for. Blessings run the gamut from the serious (safety from violence) to the silly (eating overcooked veggies - Jenna, I have got to have you watch more Alton Brown!) and everything in between.

I've removed their last names (and tried to translate where necessary) - so really, they could be anyone - your friend, your neighbor, the person sitting next to you. If you get a chance this weekend, ask the people around you: "What are you thankful for?"

MaryJane "I'm thankful for being able to work at home and make an income from something I absolutely love to do - crochet! I give God all the credit for my ability to be able to do this."

Kate "I have been thankful this month for the nice people at the TSA. They do so much work and a few bad ones give them all a bad wrap. And then they get shot for their effort out in LA. I've been trying to thank each one for doing such thankless work."

Nina "Estoy agradecido por la creatividad y Ravelry!"
(I am grateful for creativity and Ravelry!)

Aadi "I am thankful for good beer, Chicago deep dish, and good company. Its a blessing to be back home!"

Joanna "Hmm...I'm thankful that the holidays are starting and that I can go and see my family!"

Silvana "Eu agradeço a Deus que eu possa ganhar a vida fazendo tricô e crochê."
(I praise God that I can make a living knitting and crocheting)

Cleo "I am thankful for Kickstarter giving me something to look forward to in my inbox every week instead of just spam!"
(Side note: I just got my alpaca from a Kickstarter investment. That totally makes me thankful for them!)

Hellen "Hmm...I am thankful I got my computer updated and my Mac updated and everything's all patched up and works! So much effort..."

David "Friends and family to keep me warm on these cold, wintery days."

John "I like that one, David. I am especially happy to have Facebook and Google Hangouts to reach the family back in Italy."

Ruth מאז דוד הוא עכשיו בצבא, אני מודה שאין אלימות ושהוא ייעשה עם השירות שלו בשנה הבאה.
(With David in the military, I am thankful that there is no violence and that he will be done with his service next year.)

Tuuvi "I am happy in the digital world that I am still able to be young at heart and play games, listen to music, and chat with people from all over the world."

Leesa "I'm thankful for Matthew!!! He does more for me than any other person I know! He is what makes want to be more!"

Naomi "Sono grato che Dio provvede per me, e che i miei amici e parenti sono vivi."
(I am thankful God provides for the life of myself and my family)

Valerie "I am thankful for my friends who share their lives with me."

Ruthie "I am Thankful for my children and grandchildren! For my family and friends! Most of all for our Millitary for all of their hard work protecting us all. Thank you and God Bless Everyone!"

Tyee "I'm thankful to wake up everyday and be alive"

Yoshi "私は人生のために感謝しています"
(I am thankful for life)

Wanda "Children, grandchildren, great grandchildren and all my FB friends and relatives. And my husband without him my life would have no meaning."

Maliann "Ben dünyanın yüz her gün benimle olmak benim hayatımın aşkı için teşekkür ediyorum."
(I am thankful for the love of my life being with me every day to face the world.)

Dana "I am thankful to be given another day to spend with my family and friends."

Marie "Jag älskar Skype så att jag kan vara tacksam för familj och vänner över hela världen."
(umm..if I remember enough Swedish I think this says she's thankful for Skype (or is it Norwegian?))

Beverly "I'm thankful for my husband, daughter, and friends…and thankful for fairly good health."

Hilde "Jeg elsker positive tanker som kommer fra denne amerikanske tradisjonen med Thanksgiving!"
(I love the happy/positive thoughts that come from American Thanksgiving traditions!)

Mardee "I am thankful for friends/fellow bloggers who post gluten-free Italian recipes!"

Acela "Agradeço a Deus por meus amigos e familiares todos os dias!"
(I thank god for my friends and family every day)

Romeo "I am grateful my wonderful wife Samantha puts up with me every day."

Marinda "Thank you for thinking of this! I thank Mother Earth for inspiring us with beauty."

Anna "I am thankful for cheese, which makes any of my mother's overcooked vegetables palatable"
(Side note: Jenna...I will follow up on this one!)

Laura "Along Amy's line of thought, I am thankful for Glutino! I don't eat much processed food anymore, but sometimes a girl just needs a cookie."

Barb "I am thankful I don't have any food allergies like you and Laura!"

Jackie: "Я рад, что мы переехали в большие города, где легко, чтобы получить одежду, продукты питания и лекарства."
(It makes me happy that we moved to a large city where we can get clothes, food, and medicine)

Jose "I'm grateful I get to stay in the US a little longer with my beautiful wife and children."

Natalia "Sono grato che ho finito il mio maglione!"
(I am grateful I finished my sweater!) (side note: she's been working on the same sweater for two years...)

Katie "I bless God for Alton Brown, Paula Deen, and Rachel Ray, who improved my cooking over the past year"

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