Saturday, November 30, 2013

Graciousness and Doctor Who

The lovely Freema Agyeman, aka Martha Jones in Doctor Who, Alesha from Law and Order UK, and Larissa from the Carrie Diaries.

I apologize for not posting for #30daysofthanks the last couple days. I've been at Chicago TARDIS, a Doctor Who convention and Thanksgiving was thrown in the mix.

At Chicago TARDIS, I've been attending a lot of panels and have been disappointed in how many people are set on casting Doctor Who as a racist, sexist show with terrible character development and rampant offensive behavior. My husband and I attended one called "Moffat's Girls" today which quite frankly, turned into a complaint session, not a constructive criticism or discussion about writing and character development in the series.

So the thing that has really struck me is the true graciousness of the people who come up as the icons of Doctor Who. Peter Davison. Sarah Sutton. Terry Malloy. Colin Baker. Nicola Bryant. Freema Agyeman. All of them took photos and signed autographs beyond their allotted hours, and Freema even put up with a ton of questions (way beyond her session time) about the "problems" with her character and was gracious, kind to everyone, and smart in her answers. She's quite funny, something I don't necessarily think gets highlighted very often.

On our way out today, we managed to get into the parking garage elevator with Freema and her agent. I managed to eke out a "hello" and she smiled at me and went back to discussing cereal with her agent (seriously, she loves her cereal!). I was really struck by how nice she is, how gracious she is, and she's rich and famous - at this point, she doesn't have to be, but she's conscientious about herself as a role model and overall luck.

So that's what I've been thankful for the last couple days - even in the face of negativity, the celebrities of the Who world are gracious, kind, and accepting of everyone. Its an attitude I think everyone can happily emulate!

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